Beijing Spring International Long Distance Walk Carnival held in Fangshan  

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Themed on “Integrity, Beijing Fund Town”, the organizer of the event set up three routes, namely the “Patriot Road” with a total length of six kilometers, “Integrity Road” with a total length of 16.5 kilometers and “Dream Road” with a total length of 21 kilometers. The event started from China Fangshan Global Geopark Museum and ended at International Conference Center of Beijing Fund Town. 

Dressed in red, gold and blue, more than 12,000 long distance walking enthusiasts attended the event. Reasons for participating in this activity not only included exercising, but also included relaxing and integrating into nature, said Liu Yumin, a local resident of Fangshan. 

High-tech elements were the highlights of the event. At the starting point, a self-driving car with 5G technology led the way for long distance walkers. A cloud-based intelligent robot named Xiao Da, made by CloudMinds, a developer and operator of cloud robots, waited for the participants at the end of the walk routes, flashing its big eyes, shaking hands and communicating with people. 

By holding the International Long Distance Walk Carnival, Fangshan District hoped to show the economic and social development achievements and promote the attraction and reputation of the district, said an official with Publicity Department of Fangshan District. 

The Beijing International Long Distance Walk Carnival has been held for 11 sessions, and a total of more than 100,000 people have participated in this event. 


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