Govt to put security decree to a Senate confidence vote  

Italy’s populist government said on Monday it will call a confidence vote in the Senate upper house of parliament on its security and immigration decree, which toughens asylum rules in Italy, according to sources from the grassroots Five-Star Movement. 

The controversial decree has been widely criticised for flouting migrant rights and has sparked tension between the Five-Star Movement and its junior coalition partner, the anti-immigrant League party. 

Issued by the government in early October, the measure, dubbed the ‘Salvini decree’ after League leader Matteo Salvini, must be voted into law by the Italian parliament by the end of November. 

Premier Giuseppe Conte claimed last month that the decree complies with European human rights norms on migration as well as with the principles of the Italian constitution. 

The coalition partners are also at odds over the Five-Star Movement’s move to scrap the statute of limitations, which allows defendants to escape justice because their trials timed out under Italy’s creaking judicial system. 



(Fonte: Adnkronos)