“I’m Mifsud, let my voice be heard”, the mysterious tape sent to Adnkronos  

The authenticity of a taped message sent to Italian news agency Adnkronos on Wednesday, allegedly by a missing Maltese academic implicated in the complex Russiagate spy scandal, has been confirmed by a Rome-based university he worked for but is disputed by his Swiss lawyer (LISTEN). 

“I hope you will let my voice be heard, please listen to the attached files,” read the message sent via an anonymous and encrypted mail system based in Switzerland. It was signed by JoMif, which is believed to be an abbreviation for Joseph Mifsud, a mysterious Maltese professor who vanished two years ago. In the audio files attached to the email, the speaker gives the date as 11 November this year and describes themselves as Joseph Mifsud, who worked for the Rome-based Link Campus University amongst other European institutions.  

Link’s president Vincenzo Scotti, its director-general Pasquale Russo, and Vanna Fadini, head of the university’s management company Global Education Management (GEM) told Adnkronos they were “100% sure” that the voice on the audio files is Mifsud’s. Mifsud’s Swiss lawyer Stephan Roh, however said he was certain it was not Mifsud on the audio tapes. “This is 100% a fake”, Roh told Adnkronos. “The voice is too high, it not his accent or tone. The speaker sounds like a real Italian”, Roh said. Others contacted by Adnkronos were uncertain, also given the audio quality, but said the voice “bears an extraordinary resemblance” to Mifsud’s.  

United States prosecutor John Durham will shortly publish the findings of his criminal probe into Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation of Russiagate – the alleged collusion between Moscow and US president Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign team. The imminent report combined with daily Italian media revelations – including on Mifsud’s alleged hiding place near Matelica in the eastern Marche region after his disappearance – are sending shockwaves through the intelligence community, Italian and international politics. These are the only current certainties concerning the alleged web of international intrigue which involves Italy, America, Russia, Britain and Australia. 

Adnkronos is publishing the audio files purporting to be from Mifsud and a transcription of their content on its website. The audio messages contain an enigmatic appeal for help that states: “It is extremely important that someone, somewhere decides to allow me to breath again”.