Inclusive Technology Introduces AMAneo BTi, the World’s First Mouse Adapter for iPad or iPhone  

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The AMAneo BTi enables users to operate an iOS device directly with any mouse or assistive mouse, including track ball, joystick, head mouse, thumb mouse and more. To use this adapter you simply need to plug in your mouse of choice and connect it to your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini using Bluetooth. A touch pointer will automatically appear on your device’s screen and you will have full control over your iPad. There are no additional apps to install, so it’s very quick and easy to set up.  

There are a range of other interaction options to explore, including click and drag, auto click and click delay, so the mouse click will only activate after a set amount of time has passed. Two switch ports are also provided, so you have the option of controlling the left and right mouse button with two external switches. 

Users with a physical disability can also benefit from several additional features. These include instant access to Apple’s AssistiveTouch Menu, giving the user easy access to several iPad controls such as volume control and the Home button. There is also an innovative anti-tremor function to filter out any shaking of the hand or head and ensures that the on-screen cursor moves smoothly.  

The AMAneo BTi charges using a Micro USB and lasts for up to 20 hours of operation. That means there’s plenty of time for you to surf the internet, chat with friends or watch some videos, all without needing to use the touch screen.  

The AMAneo BTi can be purchased online on Inclusive Technology’s website or through one of their international distributors. 


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