Italian companies eye new business in Canada  

Over 30 companies with interests and offices in Canada met in Ottawa with Italian officials at an event chaired by Italy’s ambassador Claudio Taffuri aimed at boosting in investment in the country, the Italian foreign ministry said on Thursday. 

They shared important issues and opportunities on their experience of investment in the country with the aim of expanding Italian interests in the country, according to the foreign ministry statement. 

“Clear guidelines for actions and projects coordinated by institutions and enterprises are needed, if we want to enhance the effectiveness of our actions. In a complex and well-organised environment, such as Canada’s, it is a winning choice to identify precise objectives and to network,” said Taffuri.  

“Meetings such as today’s represent a definitely effective operational modality offering the opportunity for mutual sharing and strategic considerations,” he added. 

The consul generals of Italy in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver took part in the meeting. Also attending were the directors of Cultural Institutes, the representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the Italian Trade and Investment Agency, Italian Government Tourist Board, Italian Chambers of Commerce and the Bank of Italy.  

The meeting was also attended by representatives of leading companies in Canada, including: Astaldi, ATB Riva Calzoni, Bracco, BT Consulting, Campari, Del Corona & Scardigli, Delmar Chemicals, Enel Green Power, Ferrero, Fincantieri, IDS Nord America, iGuzzini, Leonardo, Mapei, Mecaer, Pregel, Rina Services and Thor and Partners, said the ministry. 

Bank of Canada deputy governor Lawrence Schembri gave a useful presentation of developments and prospects for Canada’s economy following a Monetary Policy Report published by the bank.  

Figures on trade between Italy and Canada continue to show an upward trend; in the first nine months of this year, Italian exports increased by more than 12 percent, the ministry noted.  

Italy still ranks eighth among countries supplying Canada and, more importantly, it is first among European exporters in the food and beverage sector, and fourth worldwide, according to the ministry. 

(Fonte: Adnkronos)