Italy and Algeria to strengthen cooperation on expulsions  

Italy and Algeria will step up their “already very positive” cooperation on deporting illegal migrants, populist premier Giuseppe Conte said on Monday during a visit to Algiers. 

“Collaboration with Algerian authorities on handling irregular migration is already very positive and if we keep working together, we can strengthen the good results we have already achieved,” Conte said. 

He was speaking at a joint press conference after talks with Algeria’s prime minister Ahemd Ouyahia. 

“I am confident that with a joint effort we can make further progress in improving the effectiveness of expulsion accords that are already in place,” Conte said. 

Italy and Algeria both understand the importance of the “integrated, multi-level management of migration based on the principles of shared responsibility and partnership” between migrants’ countries of origin, transit countries and the states that migrants head for, Conte stated.  


(Fonte: Adnkronos)