Security decree passes Senate confidence vote  

The Italian Senate upper house of parliament on Wednesday backed the populist government’s controversial security and immigration bill in a confidence motion with 163 votes in favour, 59 votes against and 19 abstentions. 

Senators from the ruling far-right League and anti-establishment Five-Star Movement voted in favour while opposition centre-left Democratic Party and Free and Equal party voted against the bill, which toughens immigration, anti-terrorism and anti-mafia rules. 

The conservative Brothers of Italy party abstained from the vote while its conservative ally Forza Italia party did not take part, along with four Five-Star rebel senators.  

In the Italian Senate, abstentions are counted as votes against. 

Had the government lost the motion, it would have been forced to resign. 

The decree must now be debated in the lower house of parliament ahead of a vote in the chamber.  

(Fonte: Adnkronos)