Tajani predicts centre-right Italian govt  

Italy’s rightwing League party will form a new ruling coalition with the conservative Forza Italia party after the European Parliament elections in May at latest, parliament president Antonio Tajani said on Monday. 

“Salvini cannot ally for much longer with Di Maio,” Tajani told Il Messaggero daily, referring to League leader Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maio, who heads the League’s coalition partner, the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement. 

“If we get to the European parliament elections before this happens it will be a miracle,” Tajani went on. 

In all the most recent local elections, Forza Italia voters had signalled their preference for a centre-right government rather than the populist League-Five-Star coalition, Tajani stated. 

“If the government falls, a centre-right majority can be formed by a coalition of the willing: parliamentarians with a sense of responsibility,” Tajani said. 

“Citizens will view this favourably – there is widespread discontent from North to South,” said Tajani, who is a founding member of Forza Italia – former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s party. 

Forza Italia and the League are the main parties in the Italian parliament’s conservative bloc since inconclusive national polls in March, but the League and Five-Star formed a coalition government after winning most seats. 

(Fonte: Adnkronos)